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3 ways you can pay off your student debt

If you are battling with the financial issues due to your student debt, you are not alone. There are thousands of young millineries who are facing emotional, financial and social pressure due to these debts. As the number of student debt borrowers are growing, so is the help. More people have come up with suggestions and possible solutions to deal with these financial issues. If you are wondering how others can help you, we have rounded 3 ways you can get help from others to pay off your student debt.

Katie Berliner, an account executive at YouDecide says, “In order to attract and retain talent, employers are looking at offering contributions to people’s student loans”. Big companies like Penguin Random House, Nvidia, Aetna, and Hyundai, etc. has come forward to give financial assistance to those with student debt. For example, Hyundai will give $900 to anyone who buys or lease a car from the company and has student debt. Few startups have come up with pretty unique ideas like setting up lottery or crowdfunding for those who are in need. Many companies have joined to student debt employer contribution program.

If you haven’t heard about the shared harvest fund, I would ask you to do a quick Google search for it. You can create a profile there and list the social causes you are interested volunteers in, such as gender equality or homelessness. You will work for Non-Profit organizations and small businesses and receive a monthly stipend of $250 to $1000. To attract young residents, a few states like Maine and Ohio has attractive offers for student loan payments. The benefits can vary on variables like when you are graduated or whether you are from Maine or belong to some other place. But generally, you can pull this off with their relaxed state income tax policies for student debt borrower.

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